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Our Mission

FERN_Mission in Craftsmanship

Redefining the future of batik art

Since its initiation, FERN's mission has always been to celebrate yet challenge the art of batik making.

Pioneer in redefining its techniques, the label has been challenging the industry by bringing a more contemporary approach to this ancient art form. Using sponge, brushes, drops, and eccentric vibrant colour combinations, FERN has successfully taken the industry to another journey.

FERN also believes in collective initiative and community. The company has been supporting local artisans in its pursuit of fine craftsmanship. For certain collections, FERN has collaborated with Malaysian block printing makers to keep pushing forward the boundaries of batik.


Our process

Creating the intricate batik pieces we present to you comes with a thorough process behind the scenes.

We begin every new collection by going through a pattern making trial, creating different variations of what we're inspired by for the collection. We want to ensure that every print we create best portrays the story we're telling in terms of colours and prints, while complimenting our silhouette and style before putting them to the works.

"We repeat the same process with our dye as every artisan will know that every little bit makes a difference. While it may take a longer process doing so, we strongly stand by our ethics as we believe that good things take time."

Once the prints and colors are set, we move on to the painting process we'll start to see our vision which we've been working on for months finally come to life.

It takes half a day for our fabrics to dry and another half to set it with treatment, before we can move on to the boiling and rinsing process.

While self manufacturing batik fabrics may be a tedious task, we choose to create our batik hands on, as the process, story, and culture becomes more meaningful this way.

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