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About the designer

Fern Chua

Born in Johor Bahru, Fern Chua started her career as a PR consultant. It is after a car accident that she decided to further explore an industry close to her heart, the batik industry. In order to reeducate her left hand, the young designer decided to learn how to sew... Little by little, she started sewing beautiful batik pieces found during her travels.
As she found more and more fabrics, she realised the batik industry was yet to be rediscovered. She noticed that, while the inspiration was broad... Most of the batik fabrics were very traditional – not only in their patterns but also in their colour combinations. And that is how she started exploring new techniques, mostly inspired by nature, Mother earth, and her frequent trips around the globe.
This initiative gave birth to FERN, a contemporary batik fashion label fusing handcrafted batik technique with modern designs.

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